School’s back, and so is the difficulty of deciding what lunch to prepare for your kids, ensuring that you are giving them something wholesome and healthy but with limited time on your hands it’s not always so simple!

We know exactly how it is, and it was with this in mind that we developed our vast range of easy ready-to-go products, but also snack-packs that maintain the integrity of our 100% Italian Made specialties, with the ease of being able to enjoy them anywhere you are.

We’ve picked two of our favorites that we know your kids will love, all of which are made in Italy then brought over to the USA to be sliced and packaged ensuring their freshness and flavor.

Salame & Cheese is a snack-pack that pairs together mild salami and cheese in the perfect format for one sitting so that nothing goes to waste, but your kids will be more than satisfied. Enjoy with bread or simply on their own.

Salami & Grissini is another favorite with the mix of mini-salami and crunchy grissini sticks that are a match made in heaven. This authentic Italian snack is bound to brighten up anyone’s day.

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