The combination of apples and cured meats is a savory and tasty match ideal for any meal.

With the beautiful days, the desire to relax outdoors and, if it is time for lunch or a snack, enjoy a fresh and delicious meal under the shade of a tree.

If you are lucky enough to have a park near the office, a lunch break with colleagues amid nature is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. So, when it comes to preparing the food to take with you, the keyword is “convenience”.

An undoubtedly quick-to-make but also original and tasty combination is that of fruit and Italian cured meats. Where to start to create combinations that will surprise your colleagues? We suggest the most loved fruit: apple. There are different types of apples, each with their distinctive flavors, ranging from sweet to sour notes, which make them perfect to combine with the unique tastes of Italian cured meats. 

The best combinations, according to Veroni’s team

There are several varieties of apples that we can mainly divide by color:

Yellow apples
Apples with yellowish skin, such as the Golden Delicious, have a sweet, slightly acidic, and aromatic pulp. This variety goes perfectly with the salami’s spicy flavor, creating an unexpected yet mouth-watering combination. Thanks to its delicate flavor and tender texture, Italian prosciutto also goes very well with the sweetness of yellow apple, giving life to one of the most classic combinations of apples and cured meats.

Green apples
Green apples, such as the Granny Smiths, stand out for their emerald skin and crunchy pulp. Their sour taste is well balanced by a more intense flavor, sometimes sweet and spicy, for example, speck: a harmonious and well-balanced combination to enjoy.

Red apples
Without a doubt, red apples such as the Stark Delicious are the sweetest and juiciest and, for this reason, ideal in combination with salty tasting  cured meats. Their crunchy, juicy, and aromatic pulp goes perfectly with cooked ham’s sweet and soft flavor. When paired with ham, they create a balanced combination of flavors.

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