Dry-cured ham, or Prosciutto in Italian, is perhaps the best-known form of traditional Italian cold cuts. Its production probably dates back to Roman time when the meat seasoning practice was introduced. The term prosciutto, is derived from the Latin word ‘perexsuctum’, meaning “dried”,in which during the seasoning phase, it loses all its quantity of water.

The preparation process of this cured meat is very simple, and it takes place in accordance with old Emilian region traditions. Salt is rubbed into a leg of pork, which is then set aside for a while before being washed in lukewarm water and left to mature naturally for several months.

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Recipes and pairings

Prosciutto can be used well in cooking and in the recipe section of our blog you can find many tasty combinations based on this cured meat. It can be cooked as a filling for delicious croquettes or, more simply, cut into thin slices and lightly toasted in a pan for alternative salads. For those who love a salty-sweet contrast, a pairing to try is Prosciutto with figs, kiwis, pineapples, or melons. Additionally, cured ham goes very well with exotic fruits too.

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