8 easy tips to reduce food waste and to store it better

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According to a recent article of The Guardian, every year on average in the US about 30 to 40% of food goes uneaten. Food waste is everyone’s problem, that’s why each of us can make big changes in our own small way. An example? Always Try to preserve food as best as possible and reuse it for other recipes. But let’s discover together other infallible methods to prevent food waste in our everyday life.

8 easy tips to reduce food waste

  1. Every food wants its own storage
    One of the first rules to reduce food wastage is to pay attention to its storage. For example, the best place to store our charcuterie is the fridge, with a temperature setting between 32 and 24,8 °F. Always remember to reseal opened packages to keep them fresh for as long as possible.
    Last, but not least do not underestimate the importance of Tupperware; choose containers with an airtight seal at different sizes.
  2. Meal schedule
    Have you ever heard of meal prep? It’s a new trend that involves planning the week’s meals and their preparations, also useful for eating better.
  3. Save and reuse leftovers
    Don’t throw away leftovers; they can become valuable ingredients or toppings for other recipes.
  1. Fridge check, before the shopping list
    A flawless way not to buy food we already have.
  2. Do a list
    Never go grocery shopping when you feel hungry and especially without a list. This way, you will avoid food waste and… money loss!
  3. Try freezing!
    Another procedure to preserve food is by freezing it! Fruits, vegetables, bread, meat and cheese can be frozen for later consumption or use.


  1. Do not throw away bruised food
    Don’t you like dented food? Not a problem, just reuse it for recipes, smoothies or pies!
  2. Do you love plants? Make compost!
    Fruit and vegetable waste is a great backyard composting. Put it on house plants and they will thank you!
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