3 yummy pairing with Hugo Spritz for a spring aperitivo

Fresh, lightly sparkling and fragrant: a glass of Hugo Spritz is always the right choice for a perfect aperitivo, especially when paired with mouth-watering appetizers, flavorful cheeses and our italian high-quality cured meats.

Open-air evenings are a must in sping and summer: gardens, dehors and terraces are filled with people, music and lights that create a chill atmosphere where there is no shortage of good cocktails. Like the Hugo spritz, the ideal choice on this occasion: a simple drink with an irresistible aroma that can give a feeling of pure freshness to anyone who tastes it.


Hugo is a cocktail made with prosecco, elderflower or lemon balm syrup, soda, and mint leaves (the low alcohol content enhances the fresh scent of elderflowers, while the mint gives it freshness).

Are you curious to discover the perfect matches for your spring happy hour?

Three pairing with Hugo to mark

  1. Hugo & charcuterie
    Tasting a charcuterie board while sipping a glass of Hugo is definitely a great idea. But which cold cuts to choose? Start with our Prosciutto Crudo or Speck, whose savoriness will be enhanced, but not only. This cocktail also perfectly balances the delicate aroma and fragrance that distinguishes Mortadella Veroni.

  1. Hugo & cheeses
    If you want to propose a cheese tasting, accompanied by prosecco-based cocktails such as Hugo or the famous Spritz, you should go for fresh ones like mozzarella, crescenza, caprino, ricotta or robiola.

  1. Hugo & fish
    Last but not least, Hugo drink goes well with tasty fish finger foods. An example? Shrimp and pancetta skewers, simple to cook, crazy to eat. For an appetizer that is also shrimp-based and even faster to prepare, we recommend this recipe: Rice Salad with Veroni Ham.

Now, all we can do is turning these tips into practice!

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