Whiskey and charcuterie: a heavenly pairing – Whether you are a whiskey lover or not, be intrigued by this unique and delicous match

Whiskey history

The word ‘whisky’ comes from the Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’, or ‘usquebaugh’, meaning ‘water of life’. Made from a variety of grains, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat, Whiskey is a dark distilled spirit. It is made throughout the world, in particular in Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Canada, and Japan too.

There are many styles of whiskey, and some countries have regulations that draw up how it is produced.

Irish whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or Canadian whisky…it’s the most popular distillate in the world and it’s used in several cocktails and shot recipes.

Fan facts: You may not have known that Indians are the most whiskey-loving drinkers ever, although they are not exporters of it!

Plan an evening exploring whiskey and charcuterie match

Make your own home-made tasting

For an unconventional evening, we suggest you organize a tasting of whiskey along with our authentic Italian cold cuts. Below is an easy simple to follow guide and making perfect pairings:

  • Whiskey and Prosciutto: Elegant, silky, and sliced into yummy slices, our Italian Prosciutto is characterized by a unique scent and delicious flavor. These features make this cold cut perfectly matchable with all types of whiskey, but the one it goes best with is Scotch Single Malt whiskeys.
  • Whiskey and Salame Calabrese: Whiskey is a distillate with a strong and intense taste, that needs a match to be up to it, like our Salame Calabrese. Spicy and tasty, it is perfect for pairing with fully flavored whiskeys, Bourbon, or Rye whiskeys.
  • Whiskey and speck italiano: The flavor of whiskey is reminiscent of winter landscapes, mountains, and forests. That’s why you need to pair it with our Italian Speck.
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