As spring arrives with March, the season of pic-nics and outside snacks are coming along!

It’s typical of this season to be outdoors, letting yourself be kissed by the sun and experience new moments of true fun with friends and loved ones. There is something about spring that awakens within us the desire to spends time outside, breathe fresh air and enjoy the warmer days while looking forward to summer.

So, what better timing than organizing a pic-nic with friends? The main rule is to create delicious and tasty preparations, which are practical and light to carry.

If you are looking for something to carry around and easy to consume…Look no further: our high-quality charcuterie as a healthy snack while you’re on the go is the most ideal option.

As a matter of fact, Veroni’s brand-new snack line offers the finest, 100% made-in-Italy cold cuts paired with Provolone cheese, breadsticks or dried fruit.

Fresh, healthy, and genuine, Veroni’s snack line suits every moment of your day. You can enjoy them at the office, school, after your workouts, or while you’re just having a stroll in a park during a warm sunny day.

The snack line recalls the Italian concept of “merenda” (break), usually made with simple but high-quality ingredients available at home.

It is well balanced with the right amount of protein, fats and carbs.

Pick your favorite one among the four options:

Imported Italian salame, provolone cheese and dried cranberries

Imported Italian salame calabrese, provolone and breadsticks

Imported Italian salame, provolone and dried apricots

Imported Italian salame, provolone and breadsticks


…or try them all and share them with your loved ones!


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