Veroni Italian Panini Range

If you’re feeling a bit tired of the same meal every day for lunch and looking for something to mix it up, but with limited time, you’re in need of something convenient and easy, we have the answer for you!

Our new Italian panini range has been especially developed for the busy lives of our American salumi enthusiasts who are searching for traditional, high-quality cured meat products that are ready to enjoy on-the-go.

Our panini range offers so much more than your average Italian panini. Of course, they are packed-full of our delicious cured meats 100% made in Italy, but they are made with bread created using pizza dough from Naples and are paired with complimenting cheeses resulting in a whole new experience. The best part of all is the fact that they can be heated either in an oven or microwave to offer you an irresistible fresh panini with melted cheese in just a few minutes!

The easy packaging allows you to take the panino with you for an unbeatable lunch that’s also good for you, being rich in protein and calcium. So treat yourself to a guilt-free meal and treat your taste buds to something totally new.

Choose your favorite from salami and prosciutto paired with 100% Italian Provolone Cheese in Naples’ rustic pizza-bread.


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