How to compose a cutting board in a scenic way? Veroni reveals all the secrets of the art of charcuterie board with a new dedicated social campaign

Step by step, one reel at a time, learn the art of charcuterie board-making and bring your creations to the table with us! Today we are kicking off the new social media campaign: “Veroni charcuterie boards: the Italian touch!”

This is the video tutorial series aimed at helping people learn or master the art of charcuterie board-crafting. The campaign’s goal is to let our followers hop on one of the most popular food trends in recent years. A food aesthetic that went viral online, and quickly became a go-to appetizer for gatherings of all kinds, from parties and happy hours to family celebrations.

The multichannel campaign will be available on both the company’s U.S. social media and Italian profiles, from Instagram to Facebook, via Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube, and finally on

“The goal of this campaign is to not only speak to foodies who are on a hunt for the latest food trends, but to also reach those who don’t like cooking but still want to impress their guests by following a few simple tips. Our reels are cooking-friendly and will be very good options for youngsters who are taking their first steps in the kitchen. The added, unique value of the content created is found in our Italian DNA, the Italian touch in terms of style and taste that we are known worldwide for.”, comments our marketing manager Emanuela Bigi.

Our video tutorials

The campaign is based on five thematic cutting boards perfect for holiday parties or an “aperitivo” with friends, designed for pro charcuterie board makers:

  • Christmas charcuterie board: full of charcuterie and cheese as Christmas decorations, perfect for surprising your family and friend’s tastebuds
  • Spring charcuterie board: an artistic and chromatic juxtaposition of cheese, vegetables, fresh and dried fruits to bring the season’s most beloved ingredients to the table
  • AperiTime charcuterie board: dedicated to the company’s U.S. best-selling line of the same name a kit of mixed goods including cured meats, cheese, olives, dried fruit, breadsticks, and everything you need to make a DIY appetizer.
  • Happy birthday charcuterie board: designed to help you celebrate in the tastiest way
  • Discover the taste of Italy: highlights the excellence of cured meats from Emilia-Romagna, and emphasizes the importance of Italian production and quality


Don’t miss any tutorial to become a professional charcuterie board on our socials!

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