Veroni Antipasto Platter Packs


One of the most important aspects considered when Veroni came to the USA was to ensure that our traditional Italian products worked with busy lifestyles. It was CRUDO_PROVOLONE_AHOLD_DICEMBRE_2017with this in mind that we developed a range of easy and convenient packaging that also ensured freshness and great taste.

Among this American-exclusive range, we offer a selection of fine cured meats paired with traditional Italian cheeses that compliment each other. We help you take the guess work out of preparing a simple Italian panino or amazing antipasto platter.

Find delicious options including Salame Milano with Smoked Provolone, Prosciutto Italiano and Provolone, Salame Calabrese and Peporoncini Cheese, Salame di Parma and Asiago Cheese. Packages are portioned to be consumed in one sitting which ensures freshness and minimises waste.

Although the easy-open packages are exclusively offered to the USA market, the products are still 100% Italian made with Italian produce, when is then brought to America for slicing and packaging to ensure that Veroni offers you the most genuine and high-quality fresh products.

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