USA-Exclusive Snack Packs


With the exclusive Veroni range for the US, we have highly considered the fast-paced lifestyles of working people and families and have altered our products to work well with your lifestyles. We are happy that we can share our traditional Italian products with a whole new market that appreciates the importance of quality and flavor.

One of the favorites from the new collection is our ‘Salame and Grissini’ pack which features delicious crunchy Italian grissini breadsticks with our salami in small bite sized portions. The packaging makes it easy to bring everywhere with you, whether it be to work or to give to your kids to enjoy at school.

With the USA range, we also offer a wide selection of pre-sliced cured meats packaged on their own or with a mix of Italian cheeses that pair well together, these options minimize wastage and ensure freshness. All of our US-exclusive products are made in Italy with 100% Italian ingredients and then sliced and packaged in America to ensure freshness.

Give your snack menu new life with this Italian duo today as well as other convenient products that can be found on our website here.



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