The history of the Fratelli Veroni salami factory started off as a small food shop managed by the five brothers in Correggio, in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. In 1925, Fiorentino, Francesco, Paolo, Adolfo and Ugo decided to expand the family business, dedicating themselves entirely to the production of traditional cured meats.

Today we see the fourth generation of the family at the head of the company, that produce a huge array of Italian charcuterie: mortadella, cured ham, cooked ham, coppa, pancetta and salami, just to name a few! The company still follows recipes that have been handed down through the family tree, with the same level of excellence throughout the production process to ensure everything Veroni is of the highest quality.

“We do not want to lose our family identity, which allowed us to grow over the years and be prepared for the future” – says current Veroni generation. If the family has always been able to pass on its know-how from one generation to the other and so too has the company’s ability to respond to market demands and improve all aspects of the business in regards to both safety and customer satisfaction.

The family is the vault of historical and traditional values and making artisan food is a synthesis of values rather than of figures. This is Veroni mission: an industrial company that has its roots in traditional “know-how” that comes from afar.

Veroni’s main goal has always been to offer a balance between these main factors; the quality offered by an artisan company together with the safety, broad product selection, and reliability offered by an industrial one. The result is a broad range of high-quality meats, produced according to the highest safety standards.

When the Veroni family decided to provide its 100% Italian made goods to the US, this spirit and obsession with perfection was retained. This formed the basis of the products on offer in the US, which are all made in Italy and then imported into America where they are sliced and packaged, ensuring the highest quality and flavor possible.

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