Traditional Italian Porchetta

There are endless varieties of traditional Italian sliced meats, and we are so happy that now the whole world is able to easily appreciate the flavors of Italy without even leaving the country! Some varieties have really taken off all over the world such as the much-loved prosciutto or typical salami. However, there are also those that most people have heard about but never had the opportunity to taste, such as traditional Porchetta. This cold cut has been hugely popular in central Italy for more than 2,000 years, dating back to the Emperor Nero who was said to enjoy it and Roman Army cooks fed it to soldiers in camp. Today Italians most often enjoy porchetta sold by street vendors and at festivals, where it’s often served on bread. It’s a mystery that porchetta hasn’t become a favorite in this country.

Porchetta is a savoury, full-flavored and moist boneless pork roast from the central area of Italy and it is an amazingly versatile meat that can be enjoyed in endless ways: from a moreish panini to a rich antipasto platter. However you prefer it, we think it is definitely something that should be a part of your weekly meals. The process of creating the Porchetta begins by separating the meat from the bone and laying the meat flat, then the surface of the meat is seasoned with a mixture of ingredients including salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, fennel and other herbs. The meat is then rolled tightly, encasing the filling and tied together with twine and then roasted, creating a mix of flavors from smokey to tangy.

The history of this traditional meat is deeply rooted in central Italy, with the town Ariccia in the province of Rome being the town mostly associated with the beginnings of the custom, which over time have spread all around Italy. Nowadays, whenever there is a congregation of people for a festival or a sporting event in Rome, there is always the presence of an iconic street food van that produces and sells freshly made porchetta rolls to the public.

Our aim at Veroni is to provide the USA and the world with these amazing traditional customs that have come to define Italy. We offer a large range of porchetta in various options that are all 100% Italian made and imported into the US to be sliced and packaged to bring you a convenient product with the highest quality possible.

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