The production of the largest mortadella in the world is a challenge accepted and won, by Veroni.

We were the first company to produce large dimensions mortadella and today the formats vary between 176 and 771 lb. Giant mortadella requires a slow cooking phase that enhances its flavors to the maximum: always in search of quality and taste.

How do you make giant mortadella?

Did you know that the best mortadellas are the biggest ones? They need to be cooked for longer: according to our experts, this process contributes to enhancing their taste and flavor. “The bigger the better”, bigger is better: nothing more true for our mortadella!

The steps to make giant mortadella follow the ancient recipe handed down since 1661, when an edict issued by Cardinal Farnese regulated its production: the difference compared to the most common size concerns only the size and, consequently, the cooking time. The production starts from the selection of selected pork, finely chopped, to which are added cubes of fat and lard that give softness and sweetness to the cold cut. The dough is then stuffed and cooked: cooking can last from a few hours to a few days and takes place exclusively inside dry air stoves. Once the established consistency has been reached, the mortadella is subjected to a “cold shower” and left to rest in the cooling cell.

An aspect that distinguishes its characteristics and its goodness is its consistency, which must be compact and crumbly. The preparation of mortadella always involves the addition of salt and pepper. In mortadella IGP the pepper must be grains and only natural flavors must be used to enhance the flavor of the components of the cold cut. The presence or absence of pistachios is instead a matter of preference: if in Northern Italy we tend to prefer the one without, pistachios are instead indispensable in the Center-South.

How to recognize a quality mortadella?

The quality of a mortadella can be recognized by three main factors:

  1. first of all, by the color, it must be pink for the lean part (made with the pork shoulder) and white for the lard (obtained from the bacon), which must be evenly distributed
  2. the scent of the best type of mortadella is unmistakable and fragrant, but it must not be excessively intense
  3. the most important aspect of all, which enhances and distinguishes the quality, undoubtedly remains the taste: it must be velvety and balanced, and depending on your preferences different flavor variations strictly depend on the raw materials that are used to enrich the product

The origin of the giant Veroni mortadella

Ours was the first cured meats factory in Italy to produce large mortadellas, already in the 1930s: a real passion for the five Veroni brothers who founded the company in 1925. The formats are 176, 220, 450, and more than 770 lb. The famous “Guinness” maxi mortadella reached a weight of almost 4500 lb that is proposed at every edition of the Cibus Food Fair in Parma. These mortadellas are our specialty and since 1996 we have held the record, still unbeaten, for the largest one in the world (5700 lb of pure goodness).

To make a large mortadella good you need to use top-quality ingredients, cook them evenly for several days trying not to break the cold cut or let it stay raw inside. Can you imagine how many mortadellas have gone wrong in so many years of experimentation? Many have burned on the outside and remained raw on the inside, many have broken while moving them, just as many have fallen because they are not firmly anchored. And between inventing new machines to cook the 7 meters of mortadella well, those to stuff it, those to tie it: the dynamic ability of the Veroni brothers gave birth to the current giant mortadella Veroni. The desire today as then is not only to make it giant but also exquisite.

The sale of giant mortadella is always a moment of great attraction in points of sale throughout Italy. A real “event” that has always distinguished the Veroni brand. The success of these record-breaking mortadellas is overwhelming, impactful, and not only for the impressive dimensions that attract many onlookers but also for that intoxicating and fabulous scent that emanates from the giant work of culinary art, for which the Veroni brothers spa still stand out from all other manufacturers today.

 Pairings with mortadella

Are you a mortadella lover and would you like to combine it with every dish? Discover the recipes in which it is the protagonist or let yourself be pampered by its unmistakable flavor by tasting it sliced ​​and accompanied by a good glass of wine or a delicious beer.

Also when pre-sliced mortadella needs to be preserved, the best way to ensure its freshness is to store it either in an air-tight container reducing the exposure to oxygen and contamination, or to wrap it in aluminum foil. Make sure to wrap it as carefully as possible without letting any air get in. These steps will ensure product longevity and help retain its characteristic aromas and flavors.

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