The Italian Aperitivo

The origins of the Italian Aperitivo is hard to pinpoint, some say it began in Torino in 1786 with the creator of Vermouth liquor. More commonly, the concept has been suggested to have started when Gaspare Campari moved to Milan and opened up a café, which served his home-brewed liquor, Campari; which was mixed with drinks such as soda and vermouth to create a drink that is known now as the Americano.
However, it initially began, Italian Aperitivo is a concept that has become synonymous with the country and its long running traditions. The concept is a simple one, a social meeting paired with a bitter drink and a small snack before dinner. Today Aperitivo can be enjoyed all over Italy, with a prevalence in the North.
A way in which Veroni contributes to this longstanding tradition is by providing the necessary counterpart to any Aperitivo beverage, the snacks. It is common to be offered a small array of food once your drink has arrived such as olives, nuts, chips, and Veroni’s favourite, salami.
Veroni’s traditional selection of salami from the Veronetto Salami which is infused with spices, or the fennel salami flavoured with fennel seeds provides the best addition to any Aperitivo snack when paired with chips, olives and of course a bitter beverage.
Take a look on the website to brows the range of salamis to enhance your Aperitivo experience.


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