As a fresh food, charcuterie requires high-performing packaging that guarantees the quality and safety of the product, Veroni has devolopped an innovative charcuterie trays. For this reason, our new packaging ensures the high-quality of our cold cuts and,  has a low environmental impact as well. Thanks to the new eco-friendly packaging, Veroni’s charcuterie is not only good to enjoy, but also good for the environment with the new innovative charcuterie trays! The trays combine a completely transparent film top that can be put in plastic recycling and a thermoformed paper bottom to throw into paper recycling.
Here what Deli Market News writes about our 100% recyclable sustainable trays:

“Innovation and sustainability meet in a wonderful new charcuterie trays thanks to Veroni. The Italian, family-owned cured meat producer is rolling out new packaging that allows consumers to enjoy the fresh and authentic taste of its Italian charcuterie all while feeling good about saving the environment.

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