According to nutritionists, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should include 20% of total daily calory intake. This moment of the morning is indeed fundamental because body and mind are given the right energy to face the day in the best way, interrupting the long night fasting.

But do you know what food choose to start the day with the right charge? A healthy breakfast must combine all the nutrients that your body needs, and a salty meal usually is more balanced than a sweet one.

There are many benefits of a salty breakfast and they are measured in terms of health and satiety power. The perfect breakfast should ideally be complete with all macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats), present in the right proportions, to avoid an unexpected rise in blood sugar. For this reason, a salty breakfast is ideal because it allows you to keep your blood sugar under control during the morning and avoid the famous “holes in the stomach” followed by dangerous hunger attacks.

What to eat for breakfast

Even when we opt for a salty breakfast, we must pay great attention to our choices. In fact, you can risk running into unhealthy foods, such as those rich in saturated fats and salt, which become very harmful to health if eaten daily.

The advice is to frequently change your salty breakfast menu. For example, you can create delicious recipes by alternating boiled eggs, omelets, whole wheat sandwiches, and focaccias stuffed with our raw or cooked ham. There are so many combinations and if you are running out of ideas our blog has a dedicated section with delicious recipes that you can use for your new breakfast!

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