How to create a healthy, fresh, and tasty summer salad? It’s incredibly easy: you just need to properly dose the seasonings and add our cold cuts for an extra touch of flavor. With the rising of temperatures, people have less and less desire to cook, which is why a summer salad can be the perfect compromise for a full and tasty meal. It has the advantage of being fresh and colorful, while it is ideal for satisfying hunger and eyes without leaving your stomach feeling heavy.

You don’t have to be a culinary expert to create fresh and healthy salads – just decide on the main ingredients to pair with our delicious cold cuts and it’ s done! Grilled or raw vegetables are very often combined with fresh fruit and a few dressings, just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, to be fully enjoyed. In this way, the summer salad is very fresh and light, and helps to stay in shape for the beach test.


The warm season offers many delicious options that can be quickly prepared and enjoyed at any time: from chicken salad to fruit salad to salad with cereals or special seeds. It doesn’t take too much to transform a summer salad from a simple side dish into a hearty and tasty main course: by adding your favorite cold cuts, for example, you can achieve the ideal sense of satiety.

But what to put in the bowl beside the usual salad? Carrots and radicchio are a good combination and if you add them to our cold cuts, cherry tomatoes and olives, or grilled zucchini and feta cheese, or eggplants and olives, you create perfect tasty combinations.

If you like sweet and sour and prefer to combine fruit and cold cuts instead of other vegetables, here you can find all the winning combinations that enhance each other’s flavors. If you are looking for inspiration for more elaborate, but still fresh and delicious recipes, our recipe area is waiting for you!


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