October is the month of squash! Indeed, if autumn was a taste, it would be with no doubt the sweetness of squashes. There are so many types of squashes – Pumpkin, Kabocha, Turban Squash and all of them are rich in vitamins and a healthy source.  

Butternut squash is one of our favorites  – it’s much sweeter than other varieties and it has very few seeds. Its delicate taste with nutty notes pairs perflectly with charcuterie, in particular, with the well-rounded flavor of our Salami.

If you are a charcuterie board lover, you can prepare an amazing one with roasted butternut squash to add both an incredible taste and a touch of fall to your board.  

There are so many delicious recipes with squash and cold cuts such as a creamy and flavorful pasta, a tasty risotto with Italian Prosciutto or even a soup with crispy Prosciutto.

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