Spring at last! The most revitalizing season of the year is here, and with it the urge to fill the kitchen with new flavors and colors. What better way to welcome spring than with a themed charcuterie board like “SpringTime”?
Also perfect for your Easter table, “Springtime” is a video tutorial part of our social media campaign “Veroni Lab, the art of Charcuterie Board step-by-step,” designed to master the art of charcuterie boards and offer you original ideas for menus to share with friends and family.

How to make it?

“Springtime”  will make you  fall even more in love with the spring season. Impress your guests and have fun making your own creative cutting board with these simple and chef-friendly tips:

  • Set the ingredients up
  • Roll up the salami slices and create the flower you prefer
  • Fold the mortadella and arrange it around the salami
  • Add prosciutto cotto
  • Goat cheese or tomino? Pair the salami with a fresh cheese and sprinkle it with chives
  • Add a few pieces of mortadella sushi
  • Garnish with crudités of assorted vegetables and fresh fruit

Of course, don’t forget flowers and colors: must-haves to bring a touch of joy to the table!

Enjoy Veroni’s Italian touch and unleash your creativity with Veroni Lab: to learn more, explore the section dedicated to our Charcuterie boards!

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