For those who love the complementary flavors of salmon and avocado, you should try our version of the  smoked Pancetta and avocado mousse. It’s an original and tasty weeknight meal! Here the recipe:


4 Salmon filets

8 slices of Pancetta

Extra-virgin olive oil

Fresh thyme

Salt and pepper

For avocado mousse

1 avocado

A bit of garlic powder

A bunch of fresh coriander

The juice of 1 lemon and its zest

Salt and pepper


Wrap each salmon filet with 2 slices of pancetta and place them on an oven pan.

Sprinkle them with oil, salt, pepper, and thyme and cook them in a preheated oven at 190 ° for 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime, prepare the mousse by blending all the ingredients until you get a smooth consistency.

Plate and serve the salmon filets with the avocado mousse and enjoy this super easy meal.

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