Is Orange Wine the new summer 2024 trend?

Everyone wants to capture it in photos. We are talking about wines with an orange hue – “Orange Wine” – a variety that is increasingly gaining the attention of consumers and the media, making its way onto our tables and menus alongside whites, reds, and rosés.

How is this wine variety produced and how can we pair it for a perfect summer aperitivo? Here are some insights you might not know, along with a few of our suggestions.


Orange wines are, by definition, wines made from white grapes but vinified like red wines, through maceration – ranging from a few days to several months – during which the grapes must remain in contact with the skins and yeasts. Indeed, it is the duration of this contact that makes the difference. The longer maceration compared to white wines gives this wine its captivating hue and a more structured flavor.

A recent discovery, but an ancient tradition. The origins of this wine can be traced back to 3,000 years ago, all the way to Georgia  where wine was fermented and aged for many months in terracotta vessels known as “kwevri”.

Orange wine is often served slightly chilled, at a temperature of approximately 50-55°F, to enhance its aromatic and flavor characteristics.


Orange wine is particularly versatile and pairs well with a variety of foods, thanks to its complex structure and intense flavor.

To recreate the perfect atmosphere of a sunset summer aperitivo, we suggest pairing it with our cured meats. For example, if you are seeking a true Italian-tasting experience, you can try it with our ready-to-share charcuterie board AperiTime line, featuring thinly sliced Veroni Salame, Prosciutto, and Coppa, combined with cheese, olives, dried fruit, and breadsticks.

In conclusion, orange wine is a captivating and distinctive product in the wine industry, offering a tasting experience unlike traditional white and red wines. It is an appealing choice for wine enthusiasts eager to make new discoveries.

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