“The bigger the mortadella, the better the flavor.” This is one of the first steps to spotting a good quality mortadella! Take a look at some more pointers on how to better enjoy mortadella!

How to spot high quality mortadella

1) According to Veroni, you spot a good mortadella by:

  • Color: it should have a light pink color (made from pig shoulder) with white pieces of fat (made from pig cheek) that should be evenly distributed.
  • Aroma: the scent should be unique and fragrant, but not too intense.
  • Flavor: it should have a smooth and balanced consistency with the taste of pork and interesting sub-layers of spice


2)The best way to preserve Mortadella

When pre-sliced mortadella needs to be preserved, the best way to ensure its freshness is to store it either in an air-tight container reducing the exposure to oxygen and contamination, or to wrap it in aluminium foil. Make sure to wrap it as carefully as possible without letting any air get in. These steps will ensure product longevity and help retain its characteristic aromas and flavors.


3)How to savour mortadella

Mortadella is an amazingly versatile cold cut that can be used in the simplest ways such as a fresh panini and is also great presented on an antipasto board with cheeses and finger food.

The cured meat can also be added to countless recipes to add more flavor such as pasta, sauces and pizza toppings. Discover our many recipes that use mortadella as well as our other Italian cured meats on our blog.


4)How to prepare the perfect Italian aperitivo with mortadella

Create an easy Italian aperitivo with our recipe for mortadella, ricotta and pistachio wraps. All you’ll need is sandwich bread with the crust removed, sliced mortadella, ricotta cheese and crushed pistachios.


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