Italian family-owned cured meat producer caters to consumers at home with simple, easy-to-prepare quality products

In the current climate with time now spent safely indoors working and caretaking, the family-run Italian salumi producer, Veroni, offers a multitude of products that allows its consumers to make quick, delicious at-home meals and happy hour Aperitivo. Available in grocery stores across the United States, Veroni has been importing 100% Italian made charcuterie and ready-made products to the US since 2016. All with an enduring shelf life, each of Veroni’s products are sealed in peak freshness and will keep for an extended time at home.

In an effort to encourage consumers to stay home and keep others safe, the brand has enacted the #HomeAperitivoHour initiative across their social media platforms. Formulating a giveaway for Instagram followers, Veroni will be picking a selection of winners who showcase how they personally celebrate their friendships, whether virtually or with those in their immediate household, by posting their version of #HomeAperitivoHour. The campaign, while driving viewers to the brand’s products, promotes the message that individuals, much like the Italians who haven’t renounced spending quality time together, can enjoy Aperitivo with #HomeAperitivoHour and #Aperizoom video calls, utilizing it as a new way to celebrate with friends and family.

Veroni products that make at-home meals and Aperitivo quick and simple:

Veroni’s Antipasto Italiano

A variety of finely cured meats paired with traditional Italian cheeses that complement each other offers a selection of combinations to choose from. Whether making layered sandwiches or kid-friendly roll-ups, each selection is perfectly portioned in ready-to-eat and easy-to-open packaging.



Veroni’s Pre-Sliced Charcuterie

Sliced and packaged in Veroni’s US facility to guarantee optimal freshness and quality, the Pre-Sliced Charcuterie allows customers the choice from a multitude of classic Italian meats.Options include a variation of Salame, Mortadella, Prosciutto, Porchetta, Speck, and Coppa available in both mid-sized and slim packs for charcuterie boards and sandwiches alike.



Spicy Salami and CheeseVeroni’s Aperitivo
Ideal for pairing alongside vegetables, fruit, olives, bread and any other pantry items customers have on-hand at home for a simple and delicious charcuterie board, the Aperitivo line features On-The-Go Salami with Italian cheese pairings and Cracker Cut Salami offered in resealable packaging. Both ready to serve and eat with ease.



Veroni’s Paninos
Made for the whole family to enjoy, Veroni’s pre-made panini option, both in salami and prosciutto, can be toasted in a sandwich press or toaster oven—meaning a snack or lunch within 3-minutes.






Veroni’s Italian Cubetti
Produced in Italy, Veroni’s range of pre-diced salumi can spice up any soup, pasta, or salad already in the works. The range includes four varieties of cured meats including prosciutto Italiano, pancetta, prosciutto cotto, and trio salami.



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