Turning a hobby into a successful side business? That’s what Kelsey aka @thboardloon manages to do by creating aesthetically pleasing charcuterie boards and sharing them on social media. A passion and creativity we strongly relate to led us to collaborate with her for two years in a row.

Tell us your story with three adjectives that represent you.
What began as a fun hobby in the midst of a pandemic quickly evolved into something more profound – The Board Loon, a business that seamlessly blended my entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for charcuterie and entertaining and bringing people together. I love the art behind a board. Balancing colors, textures, and flavors and styling a board into a piece of edible art is truly so fun. I love seeing the end result and being able to enjoy it with family and friends around a table, creating memories.

How did your passion for social media and content creation come about and how has it evolved over time?
I have always loved sharing on social media. Whether it’s my personal page or now my business page – I love to connect and share meaningful experiences, recommendations, and inspirations with others. During the pandemic, I found comfort in these platforms and recognized the power of storytelling through beautiful charcuterie boards and fun recipes. As time progressed, I honed my skills, started to understand trends, and learned how to make videos and perfect them. Now, my passion has evolved into a purposeful commitment to creating engaging content that not only reflects my authentic self but also resonates with my audience, creates new connections, and inspires others.

Would you tell us a curious or funny story-time about your journey? Or, if you prefer, an event that helped you grow professionally?
One particularly memorable chapter in my journey was the unexpected media attention. It all began when my business caught the eye of the local news, earning me a spot on their segment. Seeing my work highlighted on TV was very humbling. Soon after, I found myself featured on a few more TV segments and in several magazines. Navigating interviews and being on live television became a skill set I hadn’t anticipated ever needing, yet it pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow not only personally but professionally. Sometimes the most unexpected detours lead to the most significant milestones.

When you think of Veroni’s cured meats, what comes to your mind?
Quality, freshness, and attention to detail. Longevity is important to me as well – and they have been in business since 1925. They have protected and maintained the value of traditions, artisanal techniques, and old recipes.

What is your favorite Veroni cured meat? We’re curious to know why you like it so much!
My favorite is the snack packs. The convenience they offer aligns with my on-the-go lifestyle, making them a great choice for a quick and satisfying treat. Veroni has certainly elevated the art of on-the-go snacking, and the snack packs perfectly encapsulate this combination of quality and convenience.

What kind of dishes do you like making with your favorite cold cut by Veroni? Would you like to give us a little recipe or a few tips on how to make it? If you’re not a pro chef, how and when do you like to eat it?
Being that I am a charcuterie artist, my favorite thing to make with Veroni is Salami Roses and Prosciutto ribbons. These are fun folding techniques that turn an ordinary piece of charcuterie into a work of art! Adding these to charcuterie boards really elevates them and brings your boards to a new level.


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