Last night, we hosted a spectacular event in the City That Never Sleeps, capturing the essence of New York’s vibrant energy. With the stunning skyline of the Big Apple as our background, we indulged in a night of exquisite flavors and delightful experiences.

Our event kicked off with the deliciousness of our irresistible cold meats, perfectly complemented by expertly crafted Campari cocktails. This was just the beginning of a night filled with networking and culinary pleasures. We had the privilege of teaming up with Campari America for the Summer Fancy Food Show to bring together industry leaders for an unforgettable evening at the special Grace Building location.

Known for their iconic Italian spirits, Campari added a touch of Italian flair to our gathering. We treated our guests to a gourmet experience offered by talented chef Luca Capasso, who gave life to amazing dishes from the renowned CECCONI’s Nomad New York. Campari’s expert bartenders crafted cocktails that perfectly paired with our authentic Italian charcuterie, creating a symphony of flavors for the palates of all our guests.

As we enjoyed these culinary masterpieces, the  New York skyline from Campari’s Skyscraper, with its breathtaking view, enhanced the overall experience. The evening was a true celebration of Italian excellence, bringing together the best of food, drink, and people.

A big thank you to Ereka Vetrini, Kimberly Charon, and Marissa Mullen for joining us and making the night even more special and memorable!

New York, we never stop! This event showed the timeless charm of Italian cuisine and the vibrant spirit of the city. We look forward to more enriching experiences such as this and connecting with more wonderful people in the future. Cheers to a night well spent and many more to come!

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