Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. With its breath-taking landscapes, this region offers a rich culinary tradition too. One of our favorite local cured meats is the Tuscan salami, which we import to the US to tantalize your taste buds.
This dark red color salami is made with lean parts of the pig such as ham, shoulder, or neck that are finely chopped and combined with big grains of lard, obtained from the dorsal, and cut into cubes. The characteristic flavor of the Tuscan salami comes from the fennel seeds, you can find it whole in two different weights or packaged.

Here are some tips about how to best enjoy this iconic salami as a true Tuscanian:

  • In Tuscany, people eat it as a starter often together with unsalted bread which is typical in the region. This kind of bread is perfect for this salami since it already has a high content in salt.
  •  If you want to immerse in this amazing region fully, do so by tasting its culinary excellences – try the Tuscan salami with a well-aged cheese such as Pecorino Toscano, a perfect combination of flavors.
  •  To complete your experience, you can pair this salami with a full bodied red wine – a Tuscan wine such as Chianti that respects the product and enhances its flavor.

These pairings can be fantastic ideas for a Tuscan style aperitivo!

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