How to pair Rum Cocktails and Veroni charcuterie – When it comes to pairing Italian cured meats with beverages, the first match that comes to mind is wine. In Italy, it’s common to enjoy a cheese and charcuterie board while indulging in a glass of fine wine.  However, in recent years, the Italian Happy Hour, or “aperitivo milanese”, has introduced a new perfect painting: the one with cocktails. Thanks to the almost infinitive mixes that barmen are able to create, it’s easy to combine food, especially cured meats, with a particular cocktail.

In this blogpost, we would like to focus on one of the most loved cocktail ingredients: rum. Speaking with many rum-savvy, you can make many discoveries; for example, this delicious tropical liqueur can be perfectly paired with savory dishes.

As a general rule, most bartenders and chefs prefer a pairing of equals or opposites when it comes to food and drink synergies.

So, here’s a guide on how to pair cold cuts and three famous rum cocktails.


If you mix rum, mint, lime, and a sugary part you get the famous Mojito. The matching between food and Mojito is nifty and versatile. The degreasing freshness of the drink pairs it well with foods having savory notes. So, our advice is to combine it with Veroni Prosciutto Italiano, which thanks to its salty and delicate flavor balances and perfectly enhances the sweetness of this cocktail.


Loved even by Hemingway, the Daiquiri is made up of white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup or beet sugar and ice. This cocktail goes well with spicy food like our Salami Calabrese, spicy at the right point and full of flavor, as per the Calabrian tradition.


Mai Tai is one of the most fascinating and courageous rum-based cocktails, it is the result of a both white and Jamaican rum, then orange curacao, lime and orgeat. Its fruity and strong taste goes perfectly with sweet flavors such as that of our Mortadella Veroni, tasty and loved by every palate.

All that remains is to start preparing these amazing pairings!

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