How to host a perfect winter aperitivo with Veroni Italian charcuterie – In the last days of the holiday there is only one watchword: relax! After spending a lot of time for shopping Christmas gifts and hours and hours in the kitchen organizing and cooking all the holiday meals, it’s time to stop and enjoy your free time, listening to music, reading books, or watching the brand new Netflix releases.

In Italy, there is nothing better than spending our free time with friends and family, lounging on the sofa tasting delicious food and drinking excellent wine during the holidays season. Italians have a magical touch when it comes to living stylishly. That’s why we have thought to give you some advice on how to host a perfect winter aperitivo with authentic Italian ingredients like our charcuterie!

Create your home winter atmosphere!

Never underestimate the power of comfortable space! It takes very little to create the perfect “winter atmosphere” at home: get scented candles, choose warm wool blankets and select relaxing music. For example, on these occasions we love listening to Adele’s latest album or some chill-out music would be fine. Don’t forget to match the right tableware: the selection of dishes and glasses is as important as the good company invited.

What food to offer?

After, you must think about food! For a mouth-watering aperitivo, how about offering a “focaccia”? Fluffy, soft and tasty, “focaccia” is loved by everyone! Are you looking for an easy one to prepare in gourmet version? We suggest you try this recipe: Focaccia with pistachio pesto and Mortadella Veroni.

Among our Italian deli meats, you can select your favorites. An example? Our Enjoy AperiTime line, you will not get wrong with the four pairing options of this line! Why? Because it cleverly combines authentic Italian cold cuts with cheese, olives, dried fruit, and breadsticks for a ready-to-share charcuterie board. All you have to do is open it, enjoying more time with friends and family. Click here to see an example of their practicality!

What wine?

During the winter season we suggest pairing our charcuterie with Pinot Noir for its delicacy and balanced aroma. Alternatively, you can choose a Merlot, the most beloved winter red wine and for a good reason: it is bursting with red fruits and easy tannins. If you prefer a light bodied wine, we recommend Lagrein Rosé or a Chardonnay that pairs brilliantly with a lot of food.

The real loved ones

Invite people you really love, the result will be moments full of laughter, complicity and fun. You don’t need to be in the most beautiful place in the world to organize the best winter aperitivo, just select the best food & beverage, take care of the atmosphere, but above all, invite the right people for your happiness.

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