Mixology is the art of mixing various drinks to create cocktails with surprising flavors. But it is not the only combination that must be carefully managed: to enjoy a cocktail, it is necessary to pair it with the right food that enhances its notes and characteristics even more. Many think that the custom of the aperitif is recent, but on the contrary it has ancient origins. The Romans called it “gustatio” and like the present time it was before dinner. During gustation, Romans used to drink a “mulsulm”, a wine mixed with honey and water (a sort of forerunner of the cocktail), accompanied by tasty appetizers.

Today, Italian Aperitivo features charcuterie and cheese and a cocktail that pairs perfectly with is Gin&Tonic. The freshness and cleansing capacity of this cocktail, with the slight bitter note left on the palate, contrast the flavor of the sliced ​​meat resulting in a simple and effective combination.

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