Mission accomplished: Veroni has successfully delivered the largest ever 100% Italian made giant mortadella to the US

June 2019 – Veroni, the Italian salumi producer famous for their giant mortadellas, has been the first company to bring the largest 100% Italian made mortadella to the United States. The record-breaking mortadella – 300 kg (661 lb) in weight, 6.4 ft long and 18 inch in diameter – was delivered to Orlando to be exhibited and tasted at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) at the beginning of June.

Veroni, a historical brand founded in Emilia-Romagna in 1925 and present in the USA since 2016, has specialized over the years in the production of giant mortadellas, which have been featured several times in the Guinness World Records book. It still holds the record for the world’s largest mortadella ever produced: 2,680 kg (5,909 lb) in weight and 29 inch in diameter with a circumference of 7.55 ft.

“’The bigger it is, the better it is’ is not just a motto, but a fact”, explains Emanuela Bigi, marketing manager at Veroni Salumi. “Mortadellas with larger diameters require a longer cooking process, whichhelps to enhance their flavour. We are thrilled that many visitors at the IDDBA show have had the opportunity to taste and enjoy the unique, delicious flavours of our mortadella”.

Even today, the secret and highly guarded recipe for Veroni’s giant mortadellas is one of tradition: high quality raw materials, processed with a “know-how” handed down from generation to generation within the Veroni family. Find out more about this tradition here: http://www.veroni.it/veroni-mortadella-history/

US consumers can find pre-sliced giant mortadella – 8.6” in diameter – in US food stores. The mortadella is produced in Italy and thinly sliced at Veroni’s US facility, coming in an elegant and modern package, with an “easy peel” opening. Veroni’s mortadella is available in other convenient packages that meet US consumer’s needs:

• Pre-sliced charcuterie – Italian mortadella with pistachio nuts (Net weight 4oz)
The mortadella is manufactured in Italy and sliced and packaged in a consistent climate-controlled environment in Veroni’s USA facility, to guarantee the best freshness. The slices are cut very thinly, as if they were prepared in Italy, for the best taste and aroma. The “ready-to-eat and easy-to-open” packaging, a new type of food safe enclosure with easy peel opening, guarantees a longer shelf life.

• Slim pack charcuterie – Italian mortadella with pistachio nuts (Net weight 3oz)
This is the perfect proposal for consumers who seek authenticity, freshness and high-quality products, with a more attractive price. It can fit traditional US pre-sliced peg sectors, thanks to a flexible pack.


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