With Veroni now being offered in the USA, you can experience the traditional flavors of Italy with 100% Italian made cured meats that have been produced in their country of origin for thousands of years.

As well as everyone’s favorites including prosciutto, salami and mortadella, we produce other specialties that you must try, such as speck.

Speck is a lightly smoked cured pork cold cut that comes from the Trentino – Alto Adige region in the North of Italy known for the Dolomites and the strong German and Austrian influence.

Speck is made by using high quality pork legs which are rubbed with a mixture of spices including salt, pepper, juniper berries and bay leaves. The pork is then left to marinate in the spice rub in a temperature-controlled room and left for a varying period of time where the cuts of meat are turned several times to ensure they are marinated evenly.

The next step of the process is what gives speck its unique flavor, this process includes smoking the pork legs following a special technique so that the flavor is only subtle. The cuts of meat are then placed in another temperature-controlled room to cure for varying times up to 22 weeks. The spice rub creates a layer around the meat which ensures the curing process and retention of moisture.

The result is a cured pork leg which is imported into the USA and sliced in our New Jersey plant and packaged to ensure freshness is maintained. Once sliced, the color of the meat is browner and much deeper than that of prosciutto and has a smoky flavor with bursts of spices.

You can enjoy speck in numerous ways from antipasto platters, endless recipes or simply with bread to make the most of its intense flavor.

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