Do you want to experience the traditional flavors of Italy? Coppa is the one for you! We offer a huge selection of traditional Italian cold cuts including everyone’s favorites such as prosciutto, salame and mortadella.

Coppa is one of the most popular cold cuts in Italian tradition, typical in the Emilia and Lombardy region. Since ancient time, it has always been considered a “noble” salami. Coppa began it production journey in Italy around the end of 17th century.

Coppa is made from a fresh cut of pork in its upper cervical area, which is then covered with salt and left to rest to allow total penetration of salt inside the product. After this step, Coppa will be filled into a natural casing, tied with hemp ropes and left to dry. The final step of the process takes place in a high humidity condition as the Coppa goes through its dehydration process. The product will be aged for several months. During the process, aromatic herbs and spices are added depending on the type of Coppa.

With its smooth and consistent taste, you can enjoy Coppa in many different ways from antipasto platters, endless recipes or just simply with bread to make the most of its intense flavor.

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