Ham is produced using pork leg and is cured using two popular methods: one includes curing raw pork by salting, also known as dry curing, a method during which the cure is rubbed into the meat by hand, and the other is brining, also known as wet curing during which involves soaking the meat in in a mixture of water and the curing agents. Apart from these two processes, there are many other treatments that can augment the end flavor of the ham, from spices to smoking the meat for a more intense flavor.

Our roasted ham has a unique and characteristic taste due to the special mix of selected aromatic herbs that also adds flavor throughout the ham and to its surface. You can never go wrong with a crunchy panino simply filled with ham, but it is also a great addition to any antipasto platter. Veroni offers options from single serves to take-away serves.

Veroni cooked and roasted hams are distinguished by a careful selection of meats, a production process that follows the strictest parameters of food safety, while respecting the most advanced nutritional trends.

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