In Italy, there are many ways and traditions to enjoy charcuterie. Each region has its own recipe that represents its territory. In Italy’s Emilia region, a popular way to eat charcuterie is with “gnocco fritto” a square shaped fried bread usually paired with a glass of local red wine – Lambrusco.

In Venice, instead, you can find “cicchetti” – small appetizers featuring charcuterie. They are served in typical taverns in the city called bacari which are not very known to tourists.

One of the many specialties of Umbria gastronomy is a flatbread called “Torta al testo” traditionally filled with dry-cured ham and spinach. The name of this typical flatbread comes from the pan on which it is made. ‘Testo’ is a griddle type pan originally made of stone and placed in the embers to heat and cook this pancake type bread.

Going south, a traditional recipe of Naples is panini napoletani, which directly translates into Naples-sandwiches. They are small pieces of salted brioche stuffed with sliced ​​salami. A real delicacy. Deli meats in Italy come from a long tradition; therefore, there are so many traditional recipes made with them.

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