Cold cuts and smoothies? An unusual pairing, yet healthy and balanced! As in the case of dishes based on fruits and cold cuts, also in the combination of cold cuts smoothies the rule applies that a “fatter” cold cut is accompanied by a more sour and acidic smoothie ingredient, while a salty cold cut is matched to a smoothie ingredient richer in water.

A good chopping board of mortadella, salami, and cooked ham, for example, is perfect if accompanied by a good smoothie made of apples and peaches, or exotic fruits, citrus, and pineapple, or pears and kiwi. While cold cuts such as prosciutto and speck, often the stars of tasty cold dishes, can be paired with apple, apricot, watermelon, fig, melon, berries, and strawberry smoothies. In this last case, fruits and cold cuts counterbalance each other.

A quick and balanced snack

Cold cuts and smoothies are unusual to think of as a snack, but they are a valid alternative for those who want to eat healthy without giving up a touch of extra taste. This combination of food is very healthy because it provides our body with all the macronutrients it needs: in fact, it combines protein, fat, and carbohydrates, but also water, vitamins, and minerals.

Classic cold dishes based on cold cuts, prepared when you do not have too much time and desire to cook, just combine the right smoothie then a snack rich in taste is guaranteed!

If instead you are looking for inspiration for more elaborate recipes, yet still fresh and good, our section dedicated to recipes is waiting for you! You will find winning combinations that fully enhance the quality of our cold cuts and the flavors of seasonal fruits to be used for your favorite smoothies. There are also many curiosities and interesting news to discover.

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