Charcuterie and cheese for a delicious Antipasto – Charcuterie and cheese are like soulmates – in Italy, we love them so much that there’s almost no meal without them. While this duo is the undiscussed protagonist of any Italian aperitivo, a plate combining charcuterie and cheese is the most common “antipasto”. Do you know what “Antipasto” is? We can translate it as ‘appetizer’ – indeed, it is the course that comes before a meal begins. The word  is derived from the Latin root, “anti” meaning “before” and “pastus” means “meal.”

In Italian tradition, the antipasto course features different preparations of vegetables from crudité to grilled vegetables packed in olive oil or in vinegar and spices, small plates of seafood such as vinaigrette anchovies and a selection of charcuterie and cheese. Antipasto is fundamental to Italian dining: some believe that the function of antipasto is to prep the stomach for food, and the temperatures, to come.

Differences between Antipasto and Aperitivo

If you are wondering what are the differences between Antipasto and Aperitivo, here’s the answer for you. Aperitivo, the Italian ritual that has become very popular worldwide, is a lightly alcoholic or non alcoholic drink to be had before the start of a meal. It is often served with a few little nibbles: a small bowl of chips, a few olives, or a couple strips of focaccia or why not a charcuterie platter. Contrary to antipasto, aperitivo is not part of the meal but rather a pre meal drink – this, is the main difference.

Antipasto range

One of Veroni‘s main goals is to bring Italian tradition to the USA and to ensure that traditional Italian products can be seamlessly integrated into the lifestyle of Americans. For this reason, we offer a wide range of Antipasto with different pairings but also sizes.

In fact, on our shop you can find the Antipasto and Maxi antipasto lines, which offer a selection of fine cured meats paired with traditional Italian cheeses that complement each other, but with different portion sizes. In the first line, the packages are portioned, while in the second you will find a larger selection of cured meats, perfect for celebrations and large gatherings.

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