Not only a Californian content creator, but also a great creative person thanks to her passion for photography and adventuring. Let’s get to know @brittramjit !

Tell us your story with three adjectives that represent you. 

Three adjectives that describe me —Loving, Ambitious, Creative.

How did your passion for social media and content creation come about and how has it evolved over time?

My passion for social media found me in a way, when I moved to California I met my best friend, who was a photographer at the time, we began going on photoshoots rather frequently and I would share them on social media. Over the years of doing that, people started taking an interest in what I was posting, and I slowly started to realize how much I enjoy creating content and being creative in this way. I went full-time with content creation in 2021 and have been full-time ever since.

It has evolved into less perfectly curated photoshoots and more relatable types of content. I strive to be an achievable inspiration to my audience. Nowadays, I prefer shooting content that is something I would actually be doing and/or wearing.

Would you tell us a curious or funny story-me about your journey? Or, if you prefer, an event that helped you grow professionally?

Honestly, I would say that going full-time with content creation in itself was something that helped me grow professionally. When I worked in my corporate jobs, I always felt that my growth was capped, so doing the leap of being my own boss and working for myself was one of the scariest yet most rewarding things I’ve done in my life. I can definitely say that I don’t feel limited in anyway being in this industry, and in fact I feel I can expand into more things besides just content creation, like starting my own business.

When you think of Veroni’s cured meats, what comes to your mind?

Because I have had the pleasure of attending Veroni’s sponsored Paribas Open in Palm Springs and working with Veroni over the last year — I always think of a special get-together when I think of Veroni. Especially, I think of Italy: whenever I visit it, I love the fact that it feels like home: people are so welcoming, they gather together to enjoy each other’s presence, it’s such a simple yet beautiful thing.

What is your favorite Veroni cured meat? We’re curious to know why you like it so much!

My favorite has to be the Salame Calabrese, I love some good spice in my life!

What kind of dishes do you like making with your favorite cold cut by Veroni? Would you like to give us a little recipe or a few tips on how to make it? If you’re not a pro-chef, how and when do you like to eat it? 

My favorite dish to do with the Veroni’s cold cuts is charcuterie board: for me, I’m all about how it is displayed, so I love to make them look like roses. It’s really simple to do!

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