All about Italian speck

Tasting Veroni speck means experiencing the flavors of Italian tradition. In addition to the classic cured meats loved by everyone, such as ham, salami, and mortadella, we produce other specialties that are just waiting to be tasted… like Speck.

Veroni speck is characterized by a mix of spices and a natural smoking process that releases scents of aromatic herbs and wood, which give the meat its unique aroma. An interestings fact: its name dates back to 1200 and comes from the Middle High German word “spec” and the High German “spek”, which mean “thick, fat, lard”. Known to gourmets all over the world, it is perfect to be served with drinks and local wines and is ideal for a tasty aperitivo!

What is Speck?

Speck is a cured meat with an intense and slightly smoked taste that comes from Trentino-Alto Adige, a region known for its mountains, the Dolomites, with strong German and Austrian cultural influences.

This traditional cured meat is made using high-quality pork legs that are rubbed with a mixture of spices, including salt, pepper, juniper berries, and bay leaves. The meat is then left to marinate in the spice mixture in a temperature-controlled room for a variable amount of time, during which it is turned several times to marinate evenly.

The smoking process is the most important moment in the production of speck: it is the step that gives it its distinctive flavor. The process involves a special technique that guarantees a taste that is both intense and delicate at the same time. The cuts of meat are then left to mature in another temperature-controlled room for varying lengths of time, up to 22 weeks. The spice rubbing creates a layer around the meat that ensures the curing process and the retention of moisture.

How to taste it 

Speck can be enjoyed in numerous ways, from cold cuts to cooked recipes, or simply with bread to maximize its intense flavor. On the blog you can find many recipes based on Veroni Speck that are waiting to be tried!

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