5 must-have to Hygge-ify your days

The meaning

Let’s start from the basics, how do you pronounce this word? It is a Danish term pronounced [ hoog-uh]. Hygge is a concept that cannot be translated into one single word,  but triggers a feeling of cozy happiness and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. So, definitely, the best way to describe the Hygge’s meaning is to better get to the heart of the matter.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is drinking hot cocoa in front of a bonfire, reading one’s favourite book in a warm bath during a rainy day, taking a long walk on a quiet snowy morning under the rays of the sun, making a recipe that reminds us of our childhood. Even furniture, objects or even clothes can be hygge.

You know there is a proper name for those sweatpants you love to wear during full immersion in a Netflix series? There’s also a word for them in Danish: hyggebukser!

5 Must-have hygge things

Living more hygge isn’t difficult, little things are enough and adopt a few simple habits to be happier. Let’s discover them together. Always better to start from a right mindset, the hygge one! So enjoy our list:

  1. Candles
    According to Danish routine, candles, especially the scented ones, are the most important part of recreating a hygge atmosphere.
  2. Chill out playlist
    Listening to a relaxing playlist helps a lot to feel comfortable and pampered.
  3. Blankets
    Warmth, softness, and well-being: to get this, all you need is a wool blanket.
  4. Dears gathering
    There is no stronger warmth than the affection of people we love. The best thing you can do is Surrounding yourself with those ones who make you feel good and happy.
  5. Comfort food and hot drinks
    Be careful: Hygge is not about the most expensive choice in the best restaurant in your town, this in not hygge. It’s more about comfort and familiarity. Eating comfort food, cooking grandma’s meatballs, or organizing an aperitivo with friends, perhaps mixing sweet and savoury flavours. An example? A grazing board with our deli meats paired with sweets and hot chocolate like the one made by our favourite food blogger @theboardloon.


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